Friday, 19 May 2006

Massage, anyone?

Well, not if you are a cow. According to Jo, a Japanese restaurant she recently visited through work had an interesting menu item: a $70 steak.
The special thing about this steak and the justification for its rather Liberal pricing lies in the fact that it is made of massaged cows. Yes, you read correctly.
apparently, these are relatively young cows that receive massages on a daily basis to ensure their meat is nice and soft when the almighty decides their time has come to be served on a plate.
Not that I am about to turn vegetarian or anything - I think eating meat is perfectly natural given that we are all beasts of one sort or another - but the people who thought of massaging cows for the purpose of making their meat softer must be truly fucked up in the head. Not that the world is short on those.
As for me, I do not remember the last time I ordered a steak at a restaurant. Steaks used to be the clear #1 item I order at a restaurant, but since moving to this country where the meat on the supermarket is of superb quality and a barbecue is always available at the backyard, it seems awfully stupid to pay lots of money for something that is not better in anyway than what you can get at home.
Then we found this "South City Meats" place on Hampton Street, which tilted the equation towards home barbecuing even more than before (in a similar way to the internet taking the place of ordinary TV and cable): Their meat is just so good - the best I have ever tried, I think - that settling for what now seems to be expensive pieces of sheet seems to be ridiculous. Not that this place is cheap - Porterhouse is like $20 a kilo - but it delivers.
Just thought I should mention this in case one of my Israeli comrades who still thinks places like "Angus" and "Outback" are worthwhile decides to come for a visit and see (or rather, eat) the light.

P.S. Note the lack of apostrophes in the blogentry (evident by me writing "I am" instead of shortening it). Do not ask me why, but the blog refuses to accept them all of a sudden. Apologies for the lack of style.


Avi said...

If you want to know more about the Japanese "kobe beef stake" try this link:

Moshe Reuveni said...

Thanks for that. Interestigly funny.
And I like that comment they have in there about the origins of Kobe Bryant's name.