Sunday, 7 May 2006

It's been a long time since I've rock and rolled

It's been quite a while now since I've last used eBay. I think it was late November when I last sold stuff; since then I've had all sorts of excuses to avoid it:
  • Xmess leave;
  • New job - got to keep my focus;
  • The fact I won't be able to answer buyers' questions at work because of the notorious (and may I say ridiculous) blockage of web email services;
  • Having to take the goods with me to work on the train;
  • Being generally of a lazy nature;
  • This blog taking too much of my time - time that eBay consumes with taking photos, writing descriptions, answering questions, or just gazing at the screen to see how much money I'm going to make.
But it's this wintery weekend and Jo having to study for a test at work (thank god there's no such thing where I work; I tend to lose years of my already heart attack limited life span each time I'm being tested) that meant I had some spare time on my hands to get into rhythm again.
I expect to post some laserdiscs and travel books on eBay later tonight, having already prepared the photos and the text; from then on I'll see how it goes, but we have more stuff to sell - a rug that we bought from IKEA and never used, as well as a nice collection of space consuming gifts that we will never use (at this point I'd like to point out again that all the birthday gifts I have recently received were nothing short of excellent - I'm quite amazed at that achievement, because I think I'm quite hard to please).

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