Wednesday, 3 May 2006

I always feel like somebody's watching me

Two days ago I went to check the post box in the dark, having just come back from work. As I messed about with our mail box, I could hear a rustle right above me. I was being tracked.
Yesterday, when we came back from work and went to check the post box, a couple of possums sat there on a naked branch, tracking us with their big eyes. We were being watched, and this time they wanted to make that very clear. They weren't afraid of exposure anymore.
Tonight, when we came back from work and went to check our post box, a sole possum was standing on a branch right on top of our driveway. It pretended to do nothing, but we knew what it was trying to tell us.
We are obviously going through a scare campaign. The possums know we're pissed off with them shutting all over our driveway. They know what we're capable of, they know what we stand for, and they're scared. Seeming to be able to speak only the language of threats, they try to exert their powers over us.
So I just want to make it clear: We shall fight them on the driveway. We shall fight them in the fields and in the streets. And we shall never surrender!

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