Monday, 8 May 2006

Back it up, Sam

With the need for extra storage and backup facilities (I'm tired of burning stuff on DVDs; it's hard to find the right DVD, and you never really know how long they are going to last) I started thinking on a solution that so far I've dismissed as too expensive: Getting an external hard disk to put all my shit on (shit being photos, music, and files that I want to backup). I already have a 40gb one that I use for stroing photos (it has a built in card reader), but 40gb is peanuts compared to my current needs.
The fact that I saw an ad for a 300gb external hard disk selling for $200 certainly helped that line of thinking, too.
So I had a look at the MSY website to see what they have to say, and it seems as if lots of people have thought about it before:
I can get a 300gb IDE hard disk for $145 (a Maxtor; a Western Digital equivalent, like the one on my PC, is $160, and a Seagate is $152). This is an ordinary hard disk, the type that you fit in desktops (although I would go for a SATA one for desktops). Add $25 for a plastic version or $38 for an aluminium one you get this box that fits around the hard disk and gives you a USB 2.0 output as well as power facilities. And voila: an external hard disk.
The advantage, of course, is that you can mix and match your "favorite" hard disk drive; looks like I will go with the Maxtor 300gb tomorrow because it gives the best price per gig ratio. Just think about it: at this price, using a hard disk for storage is cheaper than CD blanks!


Avi said...

I would go for the MV5000u- check it.

Moshe Reuveni said...

Thanks for the tip - it definitely looks interesting and we'll further investigate. The only problem is that it's not really portable in the sense of it not having batteries. But it probably doesn't really matter.
I got my 300gb drive already, by the way. They ran out of Maxtors so I had to settle for a Western Digital for $2 more with just 8mb of RAM instead of the Maxtor's 16mb (not that it really matters in a USB drive). Both are 7200rpm drives.
It features "one button backup" which is handy and cool. The hard drive is already hard at work.