Wednesday, 26 April 2006

Who dares wins?

About a year ago Arsenal had a very dismal display on the FA Cup final. Manchester United should have won it 7:0, but Arsenal were just lucky enough and the keeper had his best day ever to be able to take the game past overtime into a penalty shootout. In that lottery Arsenal actually got the upper hand and took the trophy, but I thought it was a shame to call myself an Arsenal supporter that day: the better team did not win.
I acknowledge: one of the major reasons why football is such a great game is the relatively high probability that the best team will not win. It's the fact that it's a low scoring game and the relative ease with which an inferior team can close the game up that makes it this way, but the result is that even the supporters of the lowly team can have their day.
But is it worth it? I think it doesn't. I don't really care about winning or trophies; I like Arsenal, but just the way I think sticking to the guns of religion is stupid I think extreme team supporting is stupid. It's a sport, that's it. So while I will probably always support Arsenal to one extent or the other, the major reason why I'm actually enthusiastic about them is that they play attractive football. The type that's a pleasure to watch.
So I was really disappointed today with the way in which Arsenal climbed to the final of the Champions League. It's the way that counts, and the way sucked; the only time they threatened Villareal's goal was on the 90th minute after the Spaniards were shocked by missing a penalty kick.
Anyway, they'll lose at the final. I'd much rather have that than another "let's stretch it to the penalties and see how we go" session.

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Anthony said...

Sometimes it doesn't matter how you win, but the end result. Only someone who supports Arsenal or, god forbid, the Man Utd 'franchise' could be so blase about reaching the Champions League final. Think about us poor Newcastle fans, I'd take an own goal off someone's backside, if it meant reaching the heights of a European final. Enjoy the moment Moshe, you don't know when it'll come around again! 37 years and counting for the Toon! Anth