Friday, 14 April 2006

The times, they are a-changing

I am currently in the process of taking my first guitar lesson.
The procedure is totally different to the organ lessons I was taking for a while between the ages of 12-14. Unlike then, when I had the company of quite a menacing old guy to teach me, I now have the company of Jo's work laptop (Jo accompanies me, too, but she's heavily concentrating on the end of Mote in God's Eye); and in between bloging, the laptop is set on which seems to provide a collection of lessons.
I'm currently doing the scales thing, which shows another difference between now and then. While "then" I was really annoyed with the stupid scale practice and wanted to get on to playing real music, now I am fully aware of the fact that unless I manage those scales (which do not seem as bad as before) I will never get to play proper music (just like I never got to playing proper music on the organ). And another difference is that I actually enjoy the process: it definitely works to calm me down.
Call it maturity, but I'm reminded of how my parents paid a lot of money they never really had much of to that organ teacher just to satisfy a temporary whim of mine. I wonder if the internet is making life hard for music teachers.

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