Saturday, 22 April 2006

They can't swim

Those of you who used to watch Seinfeld will know exactly what I'm talking about here. Those that didn't watch it, although at a major loss, can also figure it out using their vivid imaginations.

We got the news this week after a series of examinations stretching for quite a while. Eventually I'll probably write more about those, since in retrospect the experience was quite amusing although at the time it was quite terrifying. If ever I was looking for material to use as the core idea of my first book, this would be it. For now, as a teaser like thing, all I will say is that it was definitely not the way you'd expect it to be if you watch movies dealing with this issue.

I guess the biggest question now, from a reader's point of view, is how I'm taking it and why I'm going public with it. As far as I'm concerned, there is one answer to this question: Since I did not break the rules of my moral code, since I did not break the law, and since I did not hurt anyone with this, I have no problem acknowledging this issue and I have no issues with the issue itself. Keeping it a secret of pretending it's not there would just be stupid. We seem to live in a world where people expect things to go along smoothly the way they do in the movies; however, long ago I have realized that life is not that as rosy as it is painted to be, and that in fact it is mostly a struggle. I can complain about this problem just as much as I can complain about not being born as Bill Gates' eldest son: In both cases I really had no control over the problem to begin with.
That said, I am definitely scared of the consequences of this problem. I am a nervous and tense person to begin with: I am quite scared of changes in my environment, and in order to combat this cowardness I adapt an analytical approach and do my best to analyze everything around me and be in control of everything around me. One side effect of this approach is that I tend to have a reputation for being a tight ass in certain circles, but despite its disadvantages this approach does help me handle this current problem. If anything, I can say now that I have forecasted this problem a long time ago: The same reasons that lead me to believe I will probably die of a heart attack or at least suffer a heart attack - inadequate lifestyle, lack of workout, poor diet - apply to the current problem, too. Add years of certain exposure to radio transmitters in the army and other shit, and I can definitely see where the problem is coming from.
Fact is that I used to laugh and dismiss certain questions with comments like "nah, they can't swim anyway". And now the joke has become reality.

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