Saturday, 1 April 2006

Spring is here again

It's actually autumn that's coming up again, but I'm still not used to the wrong way of seasonality here; April will probably always be associated with Spring as far as I'm concerned.
These last remnants of northern hemisphere-ness is not secluded to weather related stuff. Just today I noticed that I tried to get some water on the front windshield and instead I ended up blinking the high beams. Indeed, my phobia with driving on the right side of the road again while visiting far away places has more to do with whether I'll retain those old instincts upon returning back home.
But anyway, what I wanted to discuss here today is Melbourne's weather. We have been blessed with a rather summary summer this year: It was actually warm for a long period, there wasn't much in the way of rain (and when it came it was actually a relief rather than a pain), and there was actually talk about a cockroach plague in Melbourne.
You see, Melbourne's weather is just cold enough for us not to have cockroaches (the main reason why I think Melbourne's the place to be) but warm enough to avoid it being a dreary place. But this summer we did spot a few cockroaches, even inside the house (not that it's a big deal for them to creep in); relief came in from a rather unexpected venue: Melbourne's cockroaches are not as resourceful as their Israeli counterparts. They don't fly, for a start; they're much smaller (and thus significantly less repulsive); and most importantly, they just stand there in the open waiting to be bashed.
And thus we've had ourselves a long summer. However, come April first (today), Melbourne's weather god has decided that enough's enough, and suddenly it seems like all hell broke loose: Winds, rain, the lot. The temperature has plunged down to 18, which is not too bad if it wasn't for the suddenness in which it plummeted down to 18 making it feel as if we're about to freeze over.
It goes to show that feeling cold or warm is more to do with what you're used to than what the objective temperature is; and it also goes to show that I'm going to have a bit of a hard time in our upcoming icy Euro tour.

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