Sunday, 2 April 2006

One man band

Look at what we found today while walking around Brunswick Road in Fizroy (excuse spelling) for only $20!
Of course, Jo couldn't settle with free ukulele guides on the internet, so we had to get this booklet on how to tune/play it for another $15.
Jo says the ukulele we got is quite crap because it keeps going out of tune (she tunes it with the aid of our piano). I still think she's imagining it, because it all sounds the same to me.
It's rather surprising, but this audiophile that can easily tell you about the slightest nuances of sounds reproduction is totally useless when it comes to musical listening - this thing about being able to tell which note is which.
That aside, the ukulele is quite fun - I already know two chords (and again, both sound the same to me). It does take me a few minutes to move from one chord to another, though.
I think Jo should have this one man band thing: She can play the piano and then play the ukulele and I'll mix it on the PC; and then I think we should establish our own podcast service. I already thought of videoing my first ukulele song but Jo didn't think too highly of the idea.
Before podcasting I'll probably just include some MP3 links, but we're not there yet. I don't know what material I should do in that format, and besides - who would download it?
In the mean time, check the photos of Jo Clapton on Flickr using the links to the right.

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