Monday, 3 April 2006

In a sunburnt country

Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. Often it has to do with the amount of effort you put into it. However, when you lose because you choose to lose, that's just plain weird.
But that's the situation with daylight savings time in Australia. The northern hemisphere has it right: They move to daylight savings at the end of March and cancel it at the end of October to enjoy an overall span of seven months of undiluted longer days.
Australia, however, does it on exactly the same dates (minus one week this particular year due to the Commonwealth Games). The result? The country that has more sunshine than most of the northern hemisphere put together (ok, I'm exaggerating) has daylight savings for only five months.
Why should that be the case? What's the big deal with turning the clocks together with everyone else? Are we trying to make life easier for Microsoft Windows to track?
The result is that October becomes a real pain: You wake up at 5:00am with a roomful of sunshine blinding you. Not to mention the fact you get out of work to a dark exterior more often.

Mind you, if you think that's weird behavior on the part of Australians, think of this: Queensland doesn't have daylight savings altogether, on account of them "having more than enough sun already".
Being closer to the equator means that the difference between day and night is smaller, but friends up north still tell me they wake up at 5:00.
My only conclusion is that being closer to the equator makes you dumber, an observation that coincides with what most Victorians will tell you: With each Victorian that moves to Queensland, the average IQ in both states goes up.

Ok, I know I'm being politically incorrect and that this is all bullshit. But what is not bullshit is the statistical concentration of racists in Queensland; the "pure white" Australia people seem to be heavily concentrated in certain areas of Queensland.
Maybe they deserve to wake up at 5:00; gives them time to think of their wrongdoings.

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