Tuesday, 25 April 2006

I surrender to the spirit of the night

I gave up, and I managed to make Jo give up as well after she couldn't stand my nagging any longer: We're upgrading our internet connection to 1.5 whatevers per second from the current 0.5 connection.
It would cost us $55 per month now, which I find a bit annoying because just a week ago it was $52 per month. But I still find it's a good deal, and now we'd be able to download videos with further ease (having done a successful pilot earlier this week: quality is much better than normal TV, given the digital TV origins, and the "no ads" factor does add a lot).
The cost per year is quite substantial, but at least we pay it back by cutting the cost off our ordinary phone line. The bottom line is that the internet is now by far our leading source of entertainment, and it's much more than just entertainment by now. It's woven into the fabric of our being (I hate those stupid slogans, but it is there in almost everything we do).

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