Sunday, 30 April 2006

I love to be loved

We got the guitar back yesterday with a brand new volume button! And it works: Jo was playing all sorts of pieces this morning. I, on the other hand, seem to have already reached my peak: lesson one involving one string was successfully passed, but the challenge of mastering the second string seems to be too much for me. I hope thins will get better with practice, because at the moment my fingers just go all over the place and press the third string instead of the second at a rather alarming rate, even for someone as coordination-less as I.
But anyway, what I really wanted to discuss are my birthday gifts. As the photo shows, we didn't only get the guitar back, we also got a guitar stand as a gift. Because the guitar looks quite good (might I say sexy?) despite being cheap, it's a rather nice addition to our already overly crowded living room.
The stand came with some very interesting guitar learning software and a milkshake. Yes, a strawberry milkshake. It looks like I have everything ready for the next few years of guitar playing, all that's missing now is actually learning how to play the fucking thing.
I got some useful voucher, what seems to be an exciting book on codes and code breaking (I seem to have developed this sensitivity to books that make you think), and a DVD of the first season of "Are You Being Served".
Are You Being Served used to be my favorite TV show some 25 years ago. My uncle, who was amongst the first on the planet to get a VCR, was taping all the episodes and we would watch them together again and again and again. Ask Jo: phrases like "weak as water" and "glass of water for Mr Granger" are still widely used by me, and now Jo knows where they come from.
The very first episode on the DVD is in black and white. The DVD says that it was shot in color, but it has survived only in b&w. Maybe the BBC should call my aunt: As far as I can tell, the video cassettes are still there; if they survived the last 25 years, they can put their hands on a color copy.
I always feel bad when someone brings me a gift. I feel guilty: I don't think I deserve it. But I have to say that the knowledge that someone bothered to think up gifts that I would like - I didn't even know that I wanted these things - is very flattering indeed. It also shows the value of this blog in providing a "mirror to my soul".
Thank you all!

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