Sunday, 2 April 2006

Hawaii Hamas:0

I don't think this blog is famous for stating pro Israeli views; in general, I think Israel is very badly managed and most Israelis are not aware just how low they are going with the way they manage the Arab - Israeli conflict. I guess the ultimate evidence for my lack of satisfaction is in me leaving the country.
That said, I cannot fathom the handling of the very same conflict from the Palestinian side. They always seem to shoot themselves in the leg; and the sad comedy is plunging into its highest deeps with the new Hamas management.
I'm talking, in particular, about the two faced way the guys at Hamas are going. All the newspapers and the news in here are quite full of the Hamas' cries for help and them saying that Israel's policy hurts the Palestinians. I truly feel pity for the Palestinians and wish them all the best; but the funny thing is how those very same Hamas guys that just cried for help say in the very next sentence how Israel should be destroyed.
People just don't get that, and I admit it's hard for such a two faced theme to be comprehended.
Let's have a look at it in Australian perspectives: The situation is identical to Tasmania saying that it is not getting its fair share of the federal tax revenues, while at the very same time calling for the destruction of Australia.
Call me a cynic, but I just think it's hilarious.

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