Wednesday, 19 April 2006

Half time

It's 5:30am, half time between AC Milan and Barcelona, and so far it has been quite boring and I fully admit that in retrospect I would have preferred the extra sleep, big gun team names or not. I should have expected this given that there's a boring Italian team involved (zero guesses as to who I support).
The experience of watching football at this time of the day is quite surrealistic. It feels like it's late at night - I'm so tired now that I definitely feel like going to bed, and not like going to work.
And it's just so quiet! The area we live in is quiet to begin with (the area I used to live in back in Israel, which is a relatively quiet suburb of Tel Aviv, feels like an airport compared to here). But at 5:00am it's even quieter: no cars passing, nothing around you but quietness. The main sound I'm hearing is the constant buzz my ears produce, the effect of watching Terminator II way too loud too many times and listening to loud music way too much. With the TV off that buzz can be scaringly loud!
The TV itself has its volume set so low you almost don't see any bars in the volume control, yet you can hear very well. And the strangest thing of all is that SBS' reception is just excellent! SBS is the only UHF station here (the rest are VHF), and given the station's lack of popularity (most people prefer commercial TV to dumb them down) no one bothers making good UHF aerials - they're all just VHF with some slight gesture towards UHF. And there's also a three story house standing in between us and the SBS transmitter up in the Dandenongs.
Yet the reason for the clear reception is clear: With no human interference in the shape of turned on appliances to bother with the SBS signal, the world is a much better place. Things will change as more and more people wake up.
As Wabby the dog is busy dreaming right next to me, I can't help but think how we humans only know how to make lots of noise and contamination.

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