Saturday, 15 April 2006

The Fall of Ziggy Stardust

How long do I have my guitar? Two days. And I already managed to drop it and smash it!
It's not totally useless, just the volume button broke (you can still set it up with a screwdriver) and that thing that plays with how long a note lingers (wah-wah?) got twisted. And there are some scratches and marks. And that's it for the prospect of selling it on eBay.
I'm trying to comfort myself rather unsuccessfully into believing that this is not too bad. First, it's only a $150 guitar. Second, I'm a rock star on my second day, smashing it while performing. But shit, I can't believe how easily it happened.
At least I have a good test case for the credit card's "90 days damage warranty". Let's see if I can get those $150 back... It would be really stupid, though, if they take the guitar and give me cash, because this particular one no longer sells for that price and I'll have to end up forking out more.

In other news that should have made me happy but I'm too annoyed now to make anything make me happy, we got a Fender amp for the guitar at $150. I originally aimed at a cheaper Squire for $70, but asked for a demo just to see where the price difference is; and the audiophile in me just couldn't accept the Squire's rough and rather unpleasant sound compared to the valve like Fender. Jo agreed, and she was actually enthusiastic about it.
We got home and I have to say playing with the amp is weird: You hear the sound the strings make, but you also hear the sound the amp makes - but that's coming from somewhere else. I find the sound the guitar pick makes rather annoying, but you don't really hear it when the amp's volume is up; thing is, I really don't want the shit that I'm playing now to be on the loud side.
As far as toys go, we got this tuner gizmo. You play a string on the guitar, it identifies the note you're playing, and tells you whether you need to set the pitch higher or lower. It really is precise. The first thing it showed us was that Jo did quite a good at tuning the guitar with the piano; the second thing it showed us was that the ukulele goes out of tune within a matter of seconds (as suspected), but during those magical seconds it sounds really nice (especially with the pick).

Bottom line: I can't believe that I, the guy who kept his GPS, camera, lenses, Palm, and lots of other shit in a virtually new condition - and sold them all for very nice prices on eBay because of their excellent condition - managed to break his new guitar with only two days to go.
I feel like such an idiot.

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