Saturday, 29 April 2006

Fairfield Boat House

This morning at 10:00 in front of the morning (excuse the rough translation from Hebrew) we gathered at the Fairfield Boat House for a brunch with friends. The formal excuse was my birthday, and as I said - if that's the reason I need to be social, then so be it.
The Fairfield Boat House is located in Yarra Bend Park, which is one giant park I toured on numerous occasions back in the age of unemployment - that time, three and a half years ago, after I left Amdocs and before I was recruited by Ipex. I like this park because it is very diverse and has some good mountain bike tracks. It's so huge that I often had trouble finding my way back to the car, managing it only after a good few hours (once in the rain, too). I can see the park from work, where the height allows you to appreciate its gigantic proportions. It's definitely a place Jo & I should go back to, especially on the bikes. Today, however, the weather was less than inviting for special excursions.
I told you before how I knew of this upcoming event, but I didn't know who was coming. We had the usual suspects - Martin & Yvette with Arnika (a.k.a. the Wains), John & Helen (a.k.a. the Myrons). And it was also nice to see that Mr George Carmona and family just happened to be there at the time we were in (all five rode their bicycles from home). And for the real surprise factor, Ruo See and Yaron came along. So that was definitely a nice surprise!
You can see photos of them all of my Flickr page - use the links on the right. I was never a good person photographer, having not had much in the way of interest at shooting people; but I do think some of the photos are nice, especially as the light was subtle.
It was nice to see my friends again, especially given the lack of social contents in my new job. I was, however, shocked to hear that John got retrenched this very Thursday. I am so traumatized by my experience in unemployment that I know I would be in utter devastation if I was fired; I also know that despite working at a government agency, I still face this danger, but mainly in the unlikely event the Liberals win the state elections. Which is funny, because in the related discussions today I was saying how I arrived to Australia as a capitalist that would have probably voted for the Liberals at the time, whereas today I would probably vote for Saddam Hussein before I consider voting for them (to quote Dave Hughes).
Back to a more festive mood: I got some pretty cool gifts, too. More about them later; I'll conclude by saying the last time I got a mass quantity of gifts on one occasion was my Bar Mitzvah, exactly 22 years ago. Now do the math and calculate my age...


ek said...

My apologies from myself and my partner Pete who were not able to come along to your Birthday brunch.

I hope you enjoyed your day and - a belated Happy Birthday to you!

Moshe Reuveni said...

You gain an entirely new perspective on the world when you're 35 and two days old (not).