Thursday, 13 April 2006


They ran out of red & white!
They also increased the guitar's price from $150 to $250 due to them selling like four wheel drives when petrol was cheap. Luckily for them, I had a note quoting $150, so I got one out of the new Chelsea blue stock.
Sales people are just scum that doesn't know much but tries to sell you shit that they get lots of commission on (I will always remember how a guy demoing speakers knocked on them to show with pride that they generate hollow sounds when knocked upon, when a good speaker would behave exactly the other way around - and will also hurt your knuckle). This case was no different with a guy trying to sell me some very nice Fender amps to go with the new guitar even though it is obvious that for years to come all that would be generated out of the guitar is noise.
Then he tried to sell me cables, tuners, carry bags... The fact the guitar came with a cable didn't matter much to him.
Anyway, the guitar made me quite popular at work, where I carried it to after buying it during my lunch break. Then I walked with it to the train station thinking how nice it would have been to have the Canyonero with me instead of walking with a deadly weapon in hand (you have to remember that handing anything big to someone as clumsy as me is a dangerous act). Looking back at this walk, I can't help thinking how annoying that walk would have been in Israel, where pretty every place you cross features a security examination of your stuff; and it's not just the superficial look for alcohol they do in here, it's a proper search; and given that on my way to the train I cross several shopping malls and the likes, it would have been a pain.
Anyway, I'll stop straying: the guitar really sounds nice even without the amp we don't have yet (hopefully we'll get one on Saturday). And the nice thing is that Jo's enthusiastic about it, too.

Last but not least, I have to blame Mr Hyde (probably better known as Jo's sister) for the timing of the purchase: I actually wanted to wait a bit to see if the enthusiasm wanes, but she pushed me so "elegantly" to spend my money that I just couldn't resist. The wonders of Skype.

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