Thursday, 27 April 2006


With my 35th birthday coming up, I have to say that I don't really see what the point in celebrating birthdays. To quote Seinfeld, it's basically a celebration of me managing not to die for yet another year. And what's the point with being so strict about the date anyway? What difference does it make as to whether earth's position in relation to the sun is roughly the same as it was the day I was born, especially when I was born in spring but it's now autumn?
I guess my opinions on birthdays shouldn't really surprise anyone who knows me. I tend to scorn at symbolism wherever it is, whether it's in religion, the queen, or the flag.
That said, having a reason to be happy is not something that should be easily dismissed. Artificial happiness is not something I hold dear to my heart, but a reason to meet up with friends and do something nice is always a good thing regardless on how stupidly founded it is.
I think the same way about most of our holidays: I couldn't give a fuck as to what day Jesus was born or what day he was killed or what day he made a comeback on or what day the queen's official birthday is. But give me a day off work and I'm a happy man! Add some meaningful action with family and friends, and I'm not only happy, I feel fulfilled (at this point I have to add that religious celebrations do not count as meaningful in my book; it's the complete opposite; and I'm saying this because I keep getting nagged by my family and every Israeli that for some reason chose to live in Australia even though he/she is still fully an Israeli at heart).
Mind you, as an atheist who is also a republican (in the Australian sense, which pretty much means anti queen and pro elections; not, god forbid, in the American sense) I'd be left with nothing but the Melbourne Cup, ANZAC Day, Australia Day, and Labor Day as public holidays. I have to take them as they come, I have no choice.
But the biggest issue here is that I'm turning into a lazy person (that is, even more lazy than I was so far). I come back home after work and I just laze around. I truly need a kick in the ass to get me to do stuff with people, and if that kick is a holiday or a birthday, then so be it.
And so I'm looking forward to Saturday, where we're supposed to be meeting up with friends for a very meaningful birthday celebration (in which we'll probably reminisce work and discuss the latest in the world of gadgetry). It was supposed to be a surprise, but Jo has forwarded me the email discussing the event's organization by "accident".


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday :-)

May you catch a one yellow nasty bird

Bear & Wolf

Moshe Reuveni said...

Thanks, Bijo.