Tuesday, 25 April 2006


ANZAC day is the Australian equivalent for a soldiers' memorial day. The main difference between the Australian version and its Israeli counterpart is that in here you get a day off.
It actually surprised me to learn that Australia took part in more wars than I was aware of. I knew about Australia's part in the two world wars, but I had no idea Australia took part in Vietnam, too.
Anyway, ANZAC day turned out to be a lovely April day in a year in which typical April days were scarce: Very sunny, but not warm; a cool and pleasant weather to go out and do stuff without the risk of sweating. For the photographers amongst us the light is very good - the type of light that makes everything look good because it's not harshly blinding you; winter's sunlight.
So off we went to pay a visit to St Kilda's botanical gardens for the first time, which was a bit of a surprise because it's quite near us. It's a nice park in the middle of the city with ponds and a rose garden and stuff, but I think that the day was just so lovely that anything would have looked good. So you can get an impression by looking at the new photos I've uploaded to Flickr (check the flashy link on the right).
Anyway, I'll make it short because tomorrow I'm getting up at 4:30 again to watch Arsenal lose (followed by a similar morning on Thursday where I'll be watching Barcelona win).

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