Monday, 17 April 2006

The air near my fingers

The guitar phase I'm currently going through means there's a definite revival in my interest in music, especially guitar based music. On one hand I keep thinking of where I would like to be, skills wise, on the other hand I know I'm stupid to aspire for too high a star and I should just enjoy the ride (which I seem to be doing so far, broken guitar or not).
But still, it's nice to think about it. In the process I got to listen to some new music by The Strokes, The Kaiser Chiefs, and Franz Ferdinand. They're all good; I seem to like The Strokes in particular, but they're a bit on the softer side of things for me. The Kaiser Chiefs have some excellent songs that blows the Strokes away (e.g., I Predict a Riot), but they also have shit songs of the type that makes you say "what the f*ck is that". And Franz Ferdinand have some nice stuff, but they are definitely not what they aspire to be - the British answer to "The White Strokes", according to them.
It seems like the ones that truly move me, guitar wise, are Led Zeppelin and The White Stripes. Led Zep have a collection of songs that is just awesome and features lots of stuff I can never imagine possible, while The White Stripes offer simpler material that has the exact sound that I like and some guitar work that never fails to stir me. If you don't know what I mean just check out "Girl, You Have No Faith in Medicine" - if I could play that, I would be able to declare myself as a self sustaining entertainment unit.
Alas, so far it seems like those dreams would have to wait. I find it really hard to just press on one string at a time with my left hand's fingers: My fingers are too chubby, too short, and some of the fingernails are too long (shaped by years of me eating my fingers). Jo says it's just a question of practice and more practice, and there is something in what she says because I can see the improvement (especially on the ukulele, where the gaps between the strings are larger).

I'll keep you up to date on my efforts, but please let me know if you stumble on a cheap electric guitar that has wide gaps between its strings.
(Then again, this gap is probably a design thing to help you mess with several strings using just one finger; but that's Eric Clapton stuff, not Moshe Reuveni)

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