Friday, 24 March 2006

Why isn't every day casual Friday?

I'm still talking about the same thing I was talking about in my previous blogentry: suits and jackets.
Today was casual Friday, and everyone wore "casual" clothes. Not the cargo pants / t-shirt combination I long for (although I did do that on casual Fridays at my previous job), but rather what people would normally wear for an office job in Israel.
And my question is: Why shouldn't every day be a casual Friday day? What is the point of them suits and jackets?
It's not like we're meeting people from the outside to conduct serious business with; some of us do, the vast majority don't (especially since I'm on the 27th floor).
It's totally, but totally, pointless.
Yet the locals will still go about their ways, even after I ask them this question. They're stuck. It's just like them sticking to that stupid queen of theirs, I guess.

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