Sunday, 5 March 2006

Werribee Mansion

Yet another great [weather] day in greater Melbourne.
This time we went to Werribee Mansion, which is like of those old castles which don't really look like a Walt Disney castle but where very rich people used to live up until like 100 years ago with loads of servants serving them.
We've been to several such places in our UK trip, most notably Chadstone House (I think it's actually "Chatsworth", but I will always remember it was names after Melbourne's biggest shopping mall). It was nice to see there's an Australian version, too. While the Aussie version cannot compete with the glamour and the richness of the originals, it is well preserved and very well presented.
Anyway, the main reason we went there today in particular was this statue contest that ended last week. Some close to 30 statues competed for this Victorian award, and the winner was announced on Wednesday. All statues are on display till May, and you can buy all of them other than the winner; so we had to go to see which status is worthy of our place. And just so you won't say we're keeping all the fun for ourselves, you can have a look at our photos - including the winning status (the one that looks like a crashed airplane) at my Flickr page: Just click on that flashy thing to the right to get there.
We came well supplied, too. Jo made these roll up sandwiches (an idea borrowed from the Myrons) and we had some pineapple with us (an idea borrowed from my brother). We had a bit of a picnic at the mansion's rose garden, met Wabby the dog (accompanied by my brother), and went for a tour of the mansion and its heavily statued gardens.
Highly recommended.

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