Saturday, 4 March 2006

Supersize me

Earlier this morning Jo was reading in the newspaper (The Age) that the athletes about to compete in the upcoming Commonwealth Games, taking place in Melbourne as of ten days from now to the great pleasure of traffic jams, are going to receive 10 condoms each. It said that "due to the cultural mix, there will be different sizes".
I asked her if it says whether the condoms are going to be tailor made for size: Will they gave the black athletes extra large ones, for example? Is each athlete going to receive some sort of a questionnaire asking him/her for their preferred size?
Which got me to think - will anyone ever say "I want the small one, pliz"?
Which got us to wonder if anyone ever goes to a pharmacy asking for small condoms. Those marketing geniuses must have thought about this. It probably goes along the same scale of McDonald's meals: There's no small meal, the scale starts from "regular" to megatron size or whatever.
Which got me to think: Wouldn't it be nice to experiment? Go to the local pharmacy, and ask "do you have small condoms?". And when they'll say "no, we only have from gigantic to route 66 long", you would resign yourself and answer that in actual fact you were looking for something in the extra small department.
That would teach those marketing fuckers a lesson.

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