Tuesday, 21 March 2006

People in the city

I don't have much time to write something elaborate today - it's late and I have to get up early to catch an early train because they close Beach Road for the Commonwealth fucking Games and the train station's parking lot is sealed and if I want parking I need to be early.
Today was the first time I utilized the fact I'm in the city and I have a comfortable job to meet some city placed friends. I met a friend for coffee at 10:00 in the Australian Reserve Bank's building; it was expensive coffee ($3.30) and I'm not much of a coffee fan to begin with, but it was nice to meet her after more than a year. And then I met my brother near the Sensis building for lunch, and we had a burger at the new burger boutique chain that seems to do so well lately; I had an Indian chicka-ticka burger in a wholemeal bun, but it was the chips that really caught my stomach - they have this glossy layer over them that gives them an edge (at a time in which I generally try to refrain from eating chips). Take a tip from me, though: Go for the beef burgers, they cook them all the time, and if you order chicken you have to wait and wait (and wait).

But the true story I wanted to tell is that I actually got to have a face to face with two infamous Australian personas today.
During the coffee break, and while sipping my cappuchoino, Mr Kevin Andrews passed by. To those who don't know, he is the federal minister for employment, and by now you must know that he is a total asshole because he's behind the evil industrial relations legislations (although he's just Howard's squire in the grand scheme of things). I pointed at him and uttered something unflattering and he saw me - I'm happy to have that Israeli edge. I have to say I am curious that he walks the streets on his own - that man deserves a good beating, and someone would eventually step up to the task, I'm sure.
And if you think I'm being particularly evil consider this: Mr Andrews has now allowed himself to overrule any paragraph in any of the employment contracts signed in Australia. Many a dictator didn't even think of that!

The next Australian Idol was Mr Solomon Trujillo, Telstra's CEO. He is famous to walk the streets of Melbourne, so it's not as big an achievement, but he just an asshole too: Since being appointed all he does is fuss a lot, fire thousands of employees, defer lots of IT and call center jobs to overseas in the name of increasing share value (yet the majority of the shares are owned by the Australian people - the same people he fires), appoint his friends to key positions, and make every company working with Telstra (i.e. most companies) unsure about its future because he keeps changing his mind about Telstra's commitments.

Two lovely examples of the worst that capitalism has to offer.

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