Sunday, 26 March 2006

As energetic as roadkill

If one thing is clear at the end of my second weekend at my new job it's that come weekend time I'm tired and can't be bothered to do much.
Hopefully I will tell you of Saturday's adventures some other time, but today we set the Canyonero on cruise control to take us to Torquay (pronounced Tore-key, but I just call it Turkey). It's the first place on the Great Ocean Road, about an hour and a half drive from Melbourne, and it's famous for its surfing activities.
Last time we were there we were with Jo's sister, who reluctantly joined us on this trip along the Great Ocean Road that meant she couldn't just sleep all day. For me, however, it was the best part of her visit, and I sort of assume that with time she thought of it this way as well (or at least I hope so, because I don't want to do nothing when we visit her come Xmess).
Anyway, Jo and I sat roughly at the same place as we did a year and a half ago and had ourselves a picnic like we did a year and a half ago (check the few photos I've uploaded to Flickr with the link to the right).
It's amazing how tired some slight exposure to the sun can make you, because we became tired all of a sudden. We had a bit of a stroll on the beach (nice and clean sand, freezing water), and then we headed to the factory outlets of Quiksilver and RipCurl - their headquarters are based in Turkey, although the concept of a "factory outlet" is a bit stupid when it's all made in China anyway. They have nice stuff there, but the prices were not nice at all; it's interesting how the first time I visited those shops, back in 2001 when I was but a tourist but with double the salary I have now and zero commitments I bought loads of stuff there.
We came back home full of energy and excitement for yet another week at the office!

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