Sunday, 26 March 2006


No, I'm not about to complain about anti-semitism in Australia. I am about to announce that I'm turning into an anti-semite.
I've stopped counting the number of times when people at my new work start talking to me about Jewish stuff.
The peak was some time last week, while I was eating some leftover lasagna (home made by Jo) at the office's kitchen (magnificent views to the east from the 27th floor). I was minding my own business reading the news section of the last Scientific American when I was suddenly under attack by a "fellow" Jew:

  • Is that lunch you're eating Kosher? No, it had a nice mixture of meat and cheese.
  • Do you look after Kosher-ness? No, I don't think highly of such rules.
  • Do you follow Kosheer-ness during Passover? No, I see no reason to change my habits for any particular week, and I don't think highly of eating bricks.
  • What are you doing during Passover? Nothing special.
  • Where are your parents from?

And so on and so on; the main motif is that everyone just assumes that because my name is "Moshe" I'm Jewish (does everyone whose name is "John" the Pope?). And it seems as though Jews who are not Israelis have this need to feel as if they're all team members with other Jews the way, say, Liverpool fans have this team camaraderie thing.
I've said it before and I'll say it again: I don't get it. Want to feel like a Jew? Want to live like a Jew? Then fucking go and live in Israel, stop farting about. Want to live where you currently are? Fine, but shut the fucking up and leave me alone!


ek said...

Interesting. Did you find all these questions slightly rude? They are quite personal questions afterall aren't they?


Moshe Reuveni said...

Of course I find them rude. Questions such as "where are your parents from" are not questions asked out of mundane interest but rather in order to be able to classify you to one the Jewish clubs' sub-clubs.
That aside, you probably get the same type of shit with all the people that assume you must be eating spring rolls for breakfast and chicken feet for dinner.
Idiocy is everywhere.