Friday, 31 March 2006

And then there were three [weeks]

The first document I mass distributed within internal clients at work this week, a two page document, had two very stupid grammar errors in it.
While one of them was caused by the fact the document was on a network drive and others were playing with it, the other one was truly my fault; and besides, it doesn't change the fact that I'm the one associated with the document.
It pisses me off, because with my un-Australian accent I'm exactly the type that would cause people to question my ability to write in the first place, so such mistakes can have quite an impact, especially as it's all still very much a first impression thing.
I noticed this problem of mine many a time, especially when I read what I typed into this very blog: When I proof read my shit, I tend to read what I would like to read and not what is actually written; which sort of makes proof reading a bit of a problematic task.
Bottom line is that it annoys me. If with the Salvos such mistakes would just make people laugh, now I'm still at a point where everything I do is questioned.

On the positive side, today I witnessed the first eBay purchase made at our office following my eBay demo. Which shows that I can be effective in certain things... It doesn't stop there: The guy I sent to MSY to buy a printer went there again to buy another one for his son because it was just so cheap.

To summarize work so far, I have to say that this week I realized that I'm enjoying it. Lots of variety which helps at keeping me awake.
However, there are strange side effects: The type of work - lots of "small" projects to share the load - means that there are hardly any dead moments in between, unlike working on one big project that has its ups and downs. Add travel time to the equation, and the result is one very tired person.

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