Wednesday, 22 March 2006

And all the tall short people

As I continue getting to know my new job, I'm getting to like it more.
There's a lot of diversity in there. You get to meet all sorts of people: Serious, not so serious, those that smile back at you, those that smile back at you but obviously want to stab you in the back and in general look at you in contempt as just another paper shuffler... All of them.
It is interesting to note, though, how every one of those types changes once they walk out into the busy city street. Immediately they turn into fighters: A totally serious expression on the face, a quick paced march towards their destination without paying much attention to anything that happens just a couple of centimeters to their side. It's scary until you realize you're the same: you have limited time to walk around during your breaks, so you go for your goal (usually a certain predetermined food court of your choice) with full intent and purpose. It's probably the same form people take when they drive, only in here you actually get to see their faces while they're at it (and mind you, driving here is significantly less confronting than in take-no-prisoners Israel).
So while I still get the daily joke - for example, an daily IT news bulletin was blocked from my email today due to profanities - it had an article on the Labor party wishing to force ISPs to block porn - I do get to mix and mangle with people from various departments and the variety is interesting. As always, you get people who want to do good stuff and have the best of intentions, but for some very elusive reason they go about it in very awkward ways and need someone to come to their rescue. Well, at least I can make a living out of it. And better yet, so far I'm enjoying it; I know it's just the beginning, but it's good to have such a start instead of a miserable one.
That said, so far I did get to start on a few projects that on paper seem interesting (although they all end up talking about modifications to shit Lotus Notes applications), I have no idea yet how stuff actually gets to be done here; with all the talk, I wonder if things get down or whether people settle for the talk.
But between the interesting variety and the totally redundant yet unavoidable anxiety associated with starting a new job, I can see myself staying there a while. I just need to find a way to get myself up to date; a ray of hope was detected yesterday upon finding a [fellow?] renegade that actually downloads applications from the internet. Who knows, maybe in a few years we'll upgrade to Outlook 97.

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