Tuesday, 28 February 2006

I've got a whole world that's there for me to see

Last night I stumbled on a Pretenders song that I really like at the time.
I'm talking about the time I was 16 and went with Haim to see the Pretenders live in Park Yarkon. We pushed our way to the very front, constantly pressured between the bodies of our fellow attendees (it was so bad that after the show I caught a cold out of all the sweat I gathered while being pressed with no room for the sweat to go). The main thing we remember is Robbie McIntosh underwear (the guitarist), which was very well lit by the ultra violet lighting thing they had at center stage.
I really like this song, which is quite a hard rocky song and not the soft mellow type one usually associates with the Pretenders. It's called Room Full of Mirrors, and to the best of my knowledge it was originally a Hendrix song, which explains the guitar solos and the general rockiness.
But what made me notice it the most is the lyrics and the way they relate to my previous blogentry on how travel opens one's eyes. Read the first bit and judge for yourself:

I used to live in a room full of mirrors
All I could see was me
Well I took my spirit
And I crashed my mirrors
Now the whole world is here for me to see

What do you think? Hendrix was not exactly famous for his travel literature, but I think he's got a point there, whether it's to do with travel or not. We should all crash our mirrors, stop focusing on ourselves all the time - we are not all we are meant to be, learn from what's around us, and appreciate that there different ways of doing things.
It's an attitude thing. Hendrix had a lot of it.

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