Thursday, 16 February 2006

Imperfections of the skin

As readers of my blog can tell, I can get annoyed quite easily by things that most people wouldn't think twice about. I would say it's the perfectionist in me, but then again I do lots of mistakes on my own, and I also get to meet lots of people whose standards are much higher than mine. So I don't know; maybe it's just me being tight again and all I'm angry about is the loss of money and resources.
Anyway, the latest example comes from my new place of work, a month before I actually start working there.
Their job offer insisted that I start working for them on 13/3, even though with my boss away on leave this meant that I had to hand my resignation over to HR instead of doing it through him, the way I think he deserves after more than three years of us knowing one another.
Yesterday I've learnt that 13/3 is actually a public holiday. I called the HR of my new place and asked what the deal is, as (especially given that it's government) they would probably not expect to see me that particular Monday morning. They verified that it's indeed a public holiday, and immediately went into panic mode: "you can't start work on a public holiday, we'll send you a new contract to sign and return back to us". Deal done, now fuck off.
I don't like this way of doing things. Sure, in Israel you get much worse than that - you often end up with no one to turn to at all - but this amateurish way of doing things, the famous "no worries" way in which people seem to be very friendly to you but in actual fact they fuck you up the ass gets on my nerves. For a start, the fact they send me a new piece of paper to sign does not change for a minute the other fact that I will still have another piece of paper signed by them that says I'm supposed to start on the 13th.
The second and more annoying thing is the fact that I am not going to get paid for that public holiday. I will be out of my current company on the Friday and in my new company on the Tuesday (with the lesson being: If you quit your job, do it midweek!). And those good few hundreds of dollars that I am going to lose for that are not my fault at all; THEY were the ones that insisted I start on the 13th.
You could argue I should have suspected some wrongdoing the minute I saw the number 13 staring back at me from the contract. I just think it's yet another case of lack of professionalism, which seems to have some particular tendency to stick and stick hard to anything that has something to do with recruitment and HR in Australia.

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