Friday, 10 February 2006

Happiness is a Warm Gun

A strange and intoxicating feeling has filled me up ever since I handed over my letter of resignation and signed my new employment contract:
All (or at least most) of the tension that I've had stored with me over the last few weeks is suddenly gone to the point that I feel like I've lost a few kilos (pity that's it's all just a fictitious weight loss thing; could have used a nice weight cut).
The tension seems to have been replaced by a general "I don't give a shit about anything anymore" attitude. I just can't concentrate on anything at the moment; nirvana. All I can think of doing at the moment is play football on the Xbox (doing fine, thank you, on the Champions League at the moment).
Quite an addictive feeling. Last time I've had it was during my last days in Israel, where I just wanted to leave everything behind and get out as soon as I can. In retrospect I know now that I should have utilized my last days with the family and the friends better, and I sort of assume that I'll eventually have that feeling about my current job (to a much lesser degree), but still -highly addictive. Maybe we should all change jobs on a weekly basis.
I assume this nirvana bliss is soon to be replaced by new feeling of tension: A new job, having to prove myself all over again, mastering the new challenges... Guess I should enjoy it while it lasts.
It's really funny, when you think about it - the ups and downs you keep on going through. That's probably why life is worth living and why heaven (the way it is usually specified by all those people that have never really been there but think they know better) is probably dead boring.

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