Tuesday, 7 February 2006

Breaking News

Two bits of news, starting with the more meaningful and profound one.

Jo has finally received her work laptop - a not too bad Centrino, albeit with a measly 512mb of RAM. Still, unlike my laptop, this one actually has wireless!
I've already accessed this very blog through the new laptop (thieves beware: our wireless is mac address protected as well as password protected). So now we have the PDA for surfing the web in bed or for some quick and dirty stuff, the laptop for surfing on the couch or in the kitchen, and the mean machine desktop for when we want to get down and dirty. But as much as I am for desktops, with their extra power and superior ergonomics, I cannot deny the charm of walking about with the laptop while surfing.
I don't think the desktop should have anything to worry about, though. It's still going to rule on high.

The second item is of much less importance. It looks like I have a job offer: The recruiter said he got the numbers (as in salary figures) and that he's just waiting for the official paperwork to arrive.
Being me I'll refuse to believe that until I see the paper in front of me, so the details would be left for then; I hope everything works out and I can move on, because I got to this stage where I really need to move on. Total decay.
Anyway, as if to reaffirm my opinion of recruiters, the recruiter said I cannot take the paperwork out of his office for fear of me using it as a bargaining tool with my current employee. I think I would like to fight this one to the death on principle: I hate recruiters, and I won't accept me signing a binding legal contract without me enjoying my full rights.
This puts recruiters right there on my most beloved list with real estate agents and insurance agents.
Still, good news.


K Williams said...

I just hope your recruiter doesn't know about your blog and strong feelings...

My fingers are crossed for you - good luck.

As for your hardware news, don't forget that it's Jo's laptop and that you may have to ask very very nicely...

ek said...

Good luck, my fingers are crossed for you!

Moshe Reuveni said...

To contrast the K Man:
I actually hope the recruiter WILL read this blog and see what I think about the way he's going about.
I doubt he will, though.

K Williams said...

Given where Moshe is right now, I hope the recuiter does see the blog too, but once Moshe has signed the offer!...