Monday, 16 January 2006

Me and Mr Capone

We got a thing going on:
My accountant told me today that the ATO (Australian Tax O-something (Othirity?)) has sent him a letter about this bank account I've had in the 2003/2004 taxation year and on which I didn't report the taxable income.
While I keep running my brain in search of elusive bank accounts (I came up with two theories, but both are thin: A term deposit I've had in 2002 and the immigration deposit my brother made for me before I moved to Australia), I can't help thinking about old habits. Given that in Israel you don't report bank accounts - you don't have to report anything, taxing is automated through the salary - there are certain things I would never imagine the need to report.
Anyway, they got me now. I wonder if they'll let me blog in jail.

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