Wednesday, 18 January 2006

Alcatraz News Bulletin

It looks like Al Capone and I are not going to share cells for now due to our tax evasion plots (and not because he’s already dead).
Turned out that my big tax evasion plot was because I thought this interest payment I’ve received on the first day of the taxation year belongs to the new year and not the old year as I assumed (and I’ve assumed that because this pay was due to interest earned year before).
Don’t worry if you didn’t get what the issue was all about; it doesn’t matter at all. If anything, this story re-emphasizes the main lesson from the World War I history book I’m currently reading – The Guns of August – on how seemingly slight communication problems can make a world of a difference. Unlike the 1914 episode, mine was caused by a letter I have never received.
It’s amazing what can be achieved if people talk and listen to one another.

P.S. My coverage of the Australian Open will be delayed by our second wedding anniversary’s celebrations.

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