Tuesday, 13 November 2012

When Books Fall Down

I’m sure you are all wondering why our household’s entire population has been tired yesterday. Let me tell you why: books.
It gets weirder. As you may know, we recently bought new book shelves for our house. Even more recently, we started unpacking our books from storage and placing them on our new shelves (sorted by genre then author). It is important to note that as per this moment of our unpacking escapades, we have more storage capacity than unpacked books. Not that we will be reading most of our books again, in this age of the ebook.
Getting to the point: the other night we were awaken at 5:30AM with a thunderous thump. I got up to investigate the cause. Stiff and tired, I eventually identified the problem: some of the books at the end of our relatively empty shelves fell down on their side. For the record, the three main culprits were my hardback motorcycling books (including the Wayne Rainey biography and the Kenny Roberts' guide).
So much for the mundane. The problem, however, was that both my wife and I spent the rest of the day in a rather shattered condition. It’s just amazing how far a seemingly minor interruption to one’s sleep can go.
Naturally, this brought back the not so distant memories of looking after a baby. How did we survive that if we cannot even survive a book falling on its shelf? I don’t want to even start answering this question; I will, however, direct a statement to those who urge/ask us about having a second child:
Get ****

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